The GP Bag, a social bag that expresses itself through some “expressions” that we commonly use in our “digital” conversations. It speaks a contemporary language through the reconstruction of all the geometric elements with a construction of the highest leather goods craftsmanship.

Bye! A Bold Statement for Your Bag.

Bye bag, geometrically harmonious and at the same time ironic, features the thin lines of a woman’s middle finger that as a fastening. A message, a greeting or just a way not to take yourself too seriously. A provocative but refined bag that, through a geometric game, creates innovative and contemporary shapes.

Give me just a Last Kiss…

The Last Kiss bag, is a whim, a jewel of leather goods to show before a goodbye. The inlaid and padded mouth is the last kiss that could be given, gifted or waited. A bag that does not need explanations but should only be experienced.


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