Repairing with Gold

The Forever, a new city bag with atypical construction, bi-structured with re-entrant gussets. A transformist structure, expression of a craftsmanship in step with the development of new and unique shapes. Presented in Kintsugi, in the Japanese art of recomposition with gold “Kintsugi”, which celebrates the beauty of rebuilding showing its own wounds. Brushed Calf Leather and Metallic Leather create a puzzle repaired with Gold.

Shaped like a Diamond.

Diamond Bag, the games of appearance are sublimated in the emotion of the discovery of a bag with a structure that seems to be cut like a diamond. With the textured Leather mixed with an exquisite technique. The meaning of showing its own wounds, that are healed with a weave of unconventional leather.

Give me just a Last Kiss…

The Last Kiss bag, is a whim, a jewel of leather goods to show before a goodbye. The inlaid and padded mouth is the last kiss that could be given, gifted or waited. A bag that does not need explanations but should only be experienced.


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