Brand and Designer profile


The brand was founded in 2011 by GIANCARLO PETRIGLIA, originating from a project of the designer who also lends his name. The brand identity of the label already starts with its logo in which two parallel griffins meet the gaze of mythology, where it is the griffin to pull Apollo's chariot, being the guardian "of gold and the most precious things of the world."

It is from this concept of preciousness that the ethics of Giancarlo Petriglia's brand derive and of which the designer specifies his moral "I want to personally guarantee the quality of the product, dedicating my love and promise of success to every piece of my collection, the products and leathers".

The "Made in Italy" marks another point in favor of the brand which sees its products skillfully assembled and produced in the city of Palermo, in Sicily, a place of which the designer wanted to discover local craftsmanship and emotions.

"My dream, which I hope to see come true soon, is to retain, under the aegis of the brand Giancarlo Petriglia, also collections for men and women", says furthermore Giancarlo who proposes, for next Autumn / Winter 2012 - 2013, the second collection of accessories.


Giancarlo Petriglia was born in Milan and since his very young age he shows a particular talent towards fashion alongside a great artistic sensibility.

Resolute and in love with beauty tout court, he studies at the new Academia di Belle Arti in Milan and starts working within an important design office in fashion, the Trussardi's. Artistic director and Ms.Trussardi's personal assistant, Giancarlo soon stands out for his pragmatism and deep study of the reference market and he strengthens these peculiarities by developing the ladies, men and accessory collections.

After eight years of tight professional co-operation with the most important reference key roles within the Maison Trussardi, he continues co-operating with accessory design offices cultivating his love for accessories in the course of time. Other important and involving professional co-operations follow with luxury reference key roles such as Nicolas Ghesquière, Vincent Darre', Mariuccia Casadio to name a few. He eventually decides to launch and sign his own collection in September 2011.

His first Spring Summer 2012 collection is immediately welcomed by the reference market mostly thanks to its emphasised made in Italy identity achieved thorough the expertise of leather handcrafted manufacturing.The designer keeps receiving the necessary incentives to move forwards from different sources. In fact he first qualifies and eventually wins the Who is on Next 2012 edition for accessor y promoted by Vogue Italia and Alta Roma.

He continues his professional career putting next to his brand other important co-operation with several luxury brands in addition to the launching of his Fall Winter 2013-2014 capsule collection dedicated to the men and always signed by him.